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Since 2003 Chapman Consulting LLC has been assisting Insurers and Self-Funded Employers to significantly reduce the cost of Workers Compensation claims and Out-of-Network Group Health claims thereby maximizing bottom-line revenue potential. Chapman Consulting LLC performs these functions using proprietary technology, proven methodology, healthcare billing expertise, and a successful hands-on negotiation process to provide the greatest possible claim reductions. In most cases, a signed settlement agreement is obtained eliminating exhausting reconsiderations.

Types of Claims and Services:

Problematic Workers Compensation Claims
Out-of-Network Group Health Claims

Claims Review, Re-pricing, and/or Negotiating with 1-5 day processing
Significantly higher reductions compared to your current process
Negotiations on Work Comp claims that have already been re-priced:
25% – 30% hit rate with average savings of $5000.00 per claim!!
Negotiations on out-of-network group health claims:
95% hit rate with 30% – 60% reductions!!

Performance based, per-bill fee
Molds nicely into current processing pre or post adjudication
100% HIPAA compliant electronic bill acceptance and reports
Defensible and guaranteed resolutions
Exceptional customer service
No long term contracts required
Eliminate reconsiderations

Let us PROVE to you how much more you can save by utilizing our services.

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VP Business Development
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Sample Results from a Workers Compensation Insurance Company:

Our review and proprietary process was implemented just prior to the check being sent to the provider. The claims had already been processed through a major bill review service that applied the mandated state fee schedule reductions and in most cases a PPO discount. Through our proprietary review and negotiation process we were able to achieve the follow results.

Total Billed Charges Reviewed
State Fee Schedule Reduction
Prior PPO Reduction
Net allowance reviewed by Chapman
$12.0 million
– $4.2 million
– $1.0 million
$6.8 million
Total claims reviewed
Negotiated claims
Percentage Hit rate
Savings per negotiated claim
128 *
Total Additional Savings$684,055

* We eliminated exhausting and time consuming reconsideration request that the payer received prior to implementing our services.

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