Negotiating Medical Bills: Tenacity, Experience, and Data Leads to Success

Our tenacity, experience, and proprietary data all come together to provide fair and successful results for our clients when it comes to negotiating medical bills.

You may be wondering what is it that Chapman Consulting does differently to get results that are truly fair and defensible? Why are we so sure of our services?  What gives us an edge? Read more

Does Your Bill Review Company Provide Reductions that Stick?

Does your bill review company provide medical bill reductions that stick?

Are their bill reductions defensible?  Substantiated?

Do they stand by their recommendations and strive for reasonableness for you?  Read more

Patients take frustrating, labyrinthine journey to uncover hospital costs

Patients experience a daunting task when trying to understand hospital charges.  Although high dollar hospital bills are seen all over the country, this article written by Mary Ann Roser with the Austin American-Statesman on July 21, 2012 points to the inflated hospital charges in the Austin, TX area particularly for the uninsured patient and how difficult it is to navigate and comparison shop due to the complexities of the system.  Read more

Inflated Medical Bills Mask True Cost of Healthcare in the U.S.

How can we get a real sense of the cost of healthcare in the U.S. when medical charges are so incredibly inflated?  These inflated charges mask the true cost of care.

And to make matters more confusing, the charges for a procedure for one patient can vary greatly depending on who is responsible for paying for that procedure.  Is the payor the patient? An insurance company? Medicare? Workers Compensation? Are the charges Out-of-Network?  Medical charges differ vastly depending on who the payor will be.

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Chapman Consulting provides Fairness & Price Transparency in Hospital & Medical Charges

Chapman Consulting provides the data and expertise needed to bring fairness and price transparency in hospital and medical charges for our clients.  If you want to buy most anything in the U.S. it is relatively easy to shop, compare prices and make an informed decision to purchase based on several factors including price options.  But shopping is not so easy when it comes to hospital procedures and services.

However, we may begin to see more transparency emerge in hospital charges as consumers, consumer advocate groups, and the media continue to press for greater transparency from healthcare providers.

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25 years

25 Great Sites for Hospital Reviews

By Editor, Beth Collier

The Health Express

September 21, 2011

The blog post “25 Great Sites for Hospital Reviews” can be found in The Health Express blog.  The blog is found on which is a website dedicated to students who are pursuing their Masters in Health Administration.

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Reviewing Out-of-Network Bills or Medical Bills for Uninsured Patients

Since 2003 we have been reviewing medical bills for uninsured and underinsured patients or patients with out-of-network bills.  We receive calls daily from individuals looking for assistance with their expensive medical bills.

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Inflated Hospital Liens

Injured Patients Discover Hospitals Seeking a Piece of Their Accident Settlements

Lawyers state that liens often are much higher than what hospital would normally be paid for services.

By Mary Ann Roser


March 28, 2011

A hospital official admits that the hospital’s list price is a starting point for negotiations.  No one should be paying those over-inflated hospital list prices.  Hospitals have become more creative in determining the price of services and more aggressive in collecting their charges.  This has lead to inflated hospital liens.

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Our FINAL FOUR Top Recommendations for Winning the Game Against High Cost Hospital Bills

When it comes to collegiate basketball, the best of the best compete in March Madness with hopes of making it to the Final Four.

When it comes to the niche of Specialty Bill Review, one of the best services in the nation is Chapman Consulting, LLC.

With March Madness picking up steam this month, we have compiled a Final Four list for you to consider
when preparing for surgery or when you encounter high dollar or MADDENING hospital bills anytime of the year.

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