Chapman Consulting, LLC

Highly Specialized in Healthcare Claims Resolution

Chapman Consulting, LLC / Hospital Bill Review is a consulting firm that specializes in healthcare claims resolution.

We are different from other bill review companies as we concentrate on the pricing aspect of medical services and supplies when calculating what a truly reasonable charge should be for those services.  And our numbers are defensible!

We assist anyone with a challenging medical bill: attorneys, adjusters, insurance companies, self-funded employers, TPA’s, workers compensation claims managers and individuals.  

Marc Chapman is President of Chapman Consulting LLC. He has over 30 years of hospital finance and billing experience. Since 2003 he has worked at compiling over 15 years of financial information on every hospital in the country. The database includes over 160 million healthcare financial data points. He has taken this information and has developed a method to calculate a reasonable and a fair charge for hospital bills. This information is used to analyze and adjust the hospital’s chargemaster prices. We have utilized this analysis in working with the uninsured, underinsured, insurance companies and workers compensation companies to expose hospitals that have aggressively marked up their prices.

We continue to maintain an expertise in medical coding and billing. Our lead negotiator has over 20 years experience negotiating medical bills.  If you are dealing with a large or complex medical bill, our expertise may help you achieve a fair solution.

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We live in a world where having information gives you power.  Currently the hospitals have all of the power.  With our database we can provide you with procedure specific and hospital specific information that equalizes the playing field between providers and payors.

Meet the Team

Chapman Consulting, LLC / Hospital Bill Review is a consulting firm that specializes in Healthcare Claims Resolution through a strong Medical Claims Analysis process.  We continue to maintain an expertise in medical coding and billing as the healthcare landscape in the U.S. continues to change.

Please feel free to contact either Marc Chapman or Daphney Elliott.  We are happy to hear your case and help you find a quick and fair resolution.

Marc Chapman

Marc Chapman

Owner, Chapman Consulting LLC
Daphney Elliott

Daphney Elliott

Business Development