Shake It Up with CATI

The Catastrophe Adjusters Training Institute, CATI, is offering their next continuing education seminar called “Shake It Up with CATI” on March 20th in Irving, TX.  This event is tailored for insurance carrier claims managers and adjusters that work with property claims including both commercial and residential claims.  So far approximately 100 attendees have registered to attend.  As always, the management at CATI have planned an outstanding program.

We are sponsoring the seminar and look forward to seeing many familiar faces as well as making some new contacts.  Claims managers and adjusters regularly ask us for assistance with the medical bills associated with some of the claims they handle.  And adjusters frequently recommend our services to the attorneys they work with.

With the ability to prove “reasonableness” in medical charges, we are able to assist our clients in a variety of instances.

If you have any questions about our services or are wondering how we might be able to help you or your company, please give us a call.  We would love to visit with you!

CLICK HERE to view the CATI website and registration information.