High price Medical and Hospital bills have proven to be obstacles that attorneys have to deal with and overcome in today’s healthcare environment.

Attorneys that have utilized our services have found that the information and insight that we provide has been a great asset to them when dealing with their client’s Medical bills and Hospital bills. Hospitals have become more aggressive at analyzing claims and determining the most profitable way to collect the most reimbursement. Chapman Consulting LLC is a leader in understanding and deciphering healthcare prices and healthcare reimbursement. If your firm is searching for solutions to hospital liens or medical liens, our information has been proven to be useful in solving those issues. If you are looking for answers on medical bills or healthcare reimbursement, please call us and allow us to get you answers.

Do your client’s medical bills exceed the settlement amount available?

Are you looking for a way to get more settlment money for your client?

Are you looking for a solution to get medicals bills reduced?

Are you looking for the fair and reasonable or usual and customary charges?

Are you looking for an expert in hospital pricing, hospital charges or reimbursement?

Our Services

  • Negotiate and reduce Medical bills for your client.
  • Compile and organize all Medical Bills.
  • Review bills for errors and overcharges.
  • Prepare a report listing concerns along with repricing the bills to the fair and reasonable or usual and customary charge.
  • Calculate what the Medicare fee schedule would have paid.
  • Calculate what Medicaid would have paid.
  • Calculate the amount paid under the workers compensation state fee schedule.
  • Calculate the fair and reasonable charge for the hospital liens.
  • Testify as an expert in the area of Hospital prices or Hospital charges.

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