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  • Individuals - Uninsured or Underinsured

    For the uninsured and underinsured patient, Medical Bills and Hospital bills can be very frustrating. In many cases the uninsured patient is required to pay the highest prices for the services they receive. Even though hospitals and medical providers are required to bill all patients the same price that is listed in their chargemaster, all of those other … Read More »

  • Attorneys

    Attorneys that have utilized our services have found that the information and insight that we provide has been a great asset to them when dealing with their client’s Medical bills and Hospital bills. Hospitals have become more aggressive at analyzing claims and determining the most profitable way to collect the most reimbursement…. Read more »

  • TPA’s / Insurance Companies

    Since 2003 Chapman Consulting LLC has been assisting Insurers and Self-Funded Employers to significantly reduce the cost of Workers Compensation claims and Out-of-Network Group Health claims thereby maximizing bottom-line revenue potential. Chapman Consulting LLC performs these functions using proprietary technology, … Read more »

  • Medicare Rates

    The federal government is the largest payer of healthcare services in America. The way Medicare reimburses hospitals or providers can be used as a benchmark to test a medical bill. Read more »

  • Hospital Financial Information

    We have and we maintain an extensive database of hospital financial information. The database has over 10 years of hospital financial data and we are adding to that daily. For the states that require hospitals to publish their list of prices we are collecting and organizing those hospital’s chargemasters. We have taken this information and formulated… Read more »