Negotiating Medical Bills: Tenacity, Experience, and Data Leads to Success

Our tenacity, experience, and proprietary data all come together to provide fair and successful results for our clients when it comes to negotiating medical bills.

You may be wondering what is it that Chapman Consulting does differently to get results that are truly fair and defensible? Why are we so sure of our services?  What gives us an edge?

Marc Chapman stated:  “I have partnered with a negotiator that has over 20 years of experience in medical claim negotiations.  She has worked with many of the facilities in the country and therefore has a contact list that gets her to the person that has the authority to negotiate and sign off on a settlement amount.  We utilize my services and data to re-price the claim and that gives her the benchmarks and the support that she needs to document her requested discount.  If we encounter a facility that we have not worked with before it will take some extra time to get that discount, normally the initial contact person is authorized to agree to either no discount or very small discount.  If we are not happy with the amount of discount we will go back to the facility and find the contact person that can help us.  We are not here just to get the payer a discount.  We are here to assist the payer in paying a fair price for the services they received.”

Our team has the experience and information to get fair results for you.  We are tenacious and unwavering in our approach.

We would love the opportunity to help you.  Give us a call.