Our FINAL FOUR Top Recommendations for Winning the Game Against High Cost Hospital Bills

When it comes to collegiate basketball, the best of the best compete in March Madness with hopes of making it to the Final Four.

When it comes to the niche of Specialty Bill Review, one of the best services in the nation is Chapman Consulting, LLC.

With March Madness picking up steam this month, we have compiled a Final Four list for you to consider
when preparing for surgery or when you encounter high dollar or MADDENING hospital bills anytime of the year.

1)      Pre-determine Insurance Coverage if Possible

  • If you are insured and planning to have surgery, make sure the hospital, physicians, anesthesiologists, or any other provider you plan to use are all IN-NETWORK.  Out-of-Network claims can be very costly.
  • If you find yourself faced with an Out-of-Network claim, we have the data, reports, experience, and expert negotiators to get your bill reduced quickly and fairly.
  • Also, make sure you understand what your total out-of-pocket expenditure will be including your deductible and co-insurance.
  • If you are not sure what costs you will face after reviewing your health insurance policy, contact your insurance company for clarification to eliminate surprises.
  • Be aware that high deductible health insurance plans are very common in today’s market in the U.S.  If you cannot afford your deductible, you may want to consider a different insurance plan with higher monthly premiums and a lower annual deductible.

Don’t get caught off guard! 

Proper preparation before a procedure or surgery can result in a winning outcome.

2)      Review Your Itemized Hospital Bill

  • Before anyone pays a dime for hospital services, we highly recommend you request an itemized bill and review it or send it to us for a quick complimentary review.
  • Hospital bills are notorious for containing errors such as overcharges, duplicate charges, or hospital admission mistakes.
  • The larger the hospital bill, the more room for error.  Larger bills must be scrutinized.

A highly specialized bill review is a real game changer!

3)      Contact Chapman Consulting for Professional, Reliable Assistance if You are Unsure

  • We can quickly look at any hospital bill and give you an idea if a professional review is necessary and what we recommend as next steps no matter who you are…an individual, an attorney, a claims manager, or an insurance company.
  • If we cannot help you with a particular claim, we will let you know and hope you will refer to us the next time you have a questionable hospital bill.

A good coach can make a big difference when it comes to the complicated world of healthcare!

4)      Negotiate with the Hospital and Get Your Bill Reduced to a Fair Price

  • We have comprehensive, solid, and defendable data to determine the fairest price possible for any procedure at any hospital in the U.S.
  • If your hospital bill is unfair, we will provide you with the reports necessary to successfully negotiate with the hospital to reach a fair settlement.
  • Or we can negotiate with the hospital on your behalf.  If we cannot get your bill reduced, you owe us nothing.

How fair would a game be without a referee? 

We call the shots for fairness on your behalf.

At Chapman Consulting, we really do play fair.  We love to prove reasonableness and fairness in hospital charges for our clients.  We will determine the absolute fairest price for services for both you and the hospital.  Let us show you how we can make a difference to your bottom line.

Working with our successful team at Chapman Consulting,, is a Win/Win during March Madness or anytime of the year!