Inflated Medical Bills Mask True Cost of Healthcare in the U.S.

How can we get a real sense of the cost of healthcare in the U.S. when medical charges are so incredibly inflated?  These inflated charges mask the true cost of care.

And to make matters more confusing, the charges for a procedure for one patient can vary greatly depending on who is responsible for paying for that procedure.  Is the payor the patient? An insurance company? Medicare? Workers Compensation? Are the charges Out-of-Network?  Medical charges differ vastly depending on who the payor will be.

Although written in 2011, David Lazarus, with the Los Angeles Times, wrote about this exact topic.  His article demonstrates the true state of affairs regarding inflated charges of hospital bills and the difficulty individuals, insurance companies, TPA’s and attorneys have when trying to determine the actual cost of hospital services.

We have developed a methodology to peel back those layers to find the true cost and determine a much more fair and reasonable amount for the payor to pay the facility.

Our company, Chapman Consulting, deals with these issues every day.  Our database of financial information on every hospital in the U.S. provides us with the tools we need to negotiate a bill to a much more fair and reasonable amount…one that both the hospital and payor will agree to.


Click HERE to read the article by David Lazarus.