Use of Chargemaster Rates in Balance Billing

This study reiterates our position on the use of hospital chargemaster rates in balance billing for out-of-network charges.

What is Balance Billing?

Balance Billing is a term used when an insured patient is responsible for the balance between what their insurance company is contracted to pay and what their physician or the facility wants to charge for a service.  Balance Billing often occurs when an insured patient receives treatment from an out-of-network physician at an in-network facility.  Read more

2016 Planning for More Growth at Chapman Consulting, LLC

Looking Back ~ Looking Forward As We Begin a New Year

This is, of course, the time of year when we take a look at the experiences of the prior year and begin preparing for the upcoming months.  Most of us tend to be optimistic and hopeful about our futures, the future of our businesses and the strength of our country as we set goals, work to improve, and strive for growth in the next year.

Looking back, 2015 was another exciting year for us at Chapman Consulting, LLC ( ).  Our business with attorneys and law firms saw accelerated growth yet again while our business with insurance companies expanded as well.   Read more

Medicare Overpays as Hospital Prices Rise

Medicare Overpays as Hospital Prices Rise

Soaring bills for sickest patients can throw payment formula out of whack Read more

Blue Goose Charity Golf Tournament

Chapman Consulting proudly sponsored the 2015 10th Annual Blue Goose Charity Golf Tournament in Dallas.   Read more

TXANS 25th Annual Nonsubscriber Conference and Exhibition

Come visit us at TXANS 25th Annual Nonsubscriber Conference and Exhibition in Austin, TX.  This year’s conference is being held at the Hyatt Regency Austin on March 26th and 27th, 2015.  And we are proud to take part in the conference and mingle with the attendees.  Read more

Shake It Up with CATI

The Catastrophe Adjusters Training Institute, CATI, is offering their next continuing education seminar called “Shake It Up with CATI” on March 20th in Irving, TX. Read more

Negotiating Medical Bills: Tenacity, Experience, and Data Leads to Success

Our tenacity, experience, and proprietary data all come together to provide fair and successful results for our clients when it comes to negotiating medical bills.

You may be wondering what is it that Chapman Consulting does differently to get results that are truly fair and defensible? Why are we so sure of our services?  What gives us an edge? Read more

Health Care Costs

Contracted Discounts Don’t Always Equate to Fair Payments

Contracted discounts don’t always equate to fair payments. Our medical bill review service provides a defensible means to fair charges.

Payors of medical claims are, of course, accustomed to paying their bills according to the rates or percent discount set forth in the contracts with facilities.  But with the rapid rise in hospital charges seen over the last five years or more, how does the payor KNOW the negotiated discount is a fair rate today? Read more

Does Your Bill Review Company Provide Reductions that Stick?

Does your bill review company provide medical bill reductions that stick?

Are their bill reductions defensible?  Substantiated?

Do they stand by their recommendations and strive for reasonableness for you?  Read more

Bill Review Savings for Workers Compensation Claims

Is your medical bill review company simply processing your workers compensation claims?  Or is your medical bill review company helping you process workers compensation claims accurately for the correct reimbursement?

In our experience double digit savings can be very common and justified. The more that providers search to increase revenues from payers, the larger the potential for savings from a quality bill review company. Read more