Does Your Bill Review Company Provide Reductions that Stick?

Does your bill review company provide medical bill reductions that stick?

Are their bill reductions defensible?  Substantiated?

Do they stand by their recommendations and strive for reasonableness for you? 

Or do you get the feeling your bill review company simply throws numbers against the wall to see what sticks?  Unfortunately, many bill review companies use this approach in one way or another for their medical bill reductions and negotiations.  And you will find they cannot defend their numbers when necessary.  Or they back down the first time a provider disagrees with the recommended bill reduction.

Medicare is a common benchmark used by many bill review companies as a basis for their review, but Medicare is not an accurate benchmark.  The typical bill review company simply does not have the data to support their reductions.  Therefore, they cannot and will not defend their results leading to frustrated clients and unsubstantiated reductions.

Chapman Consulting is highly specialized in healthcare claims resolution.  Our expertise combined with our proprietary database and analytics provides results that are defendable and defensible.  Our comprehensive data enables us to calculate what is absolutely reasonable in hospital charges.  Compared to any competition, our review is more concentrated on the pricing aspect for medical services and supplies.

We will work closely with you on today’s highly complex cases to determine your preferences and the best approach for each claim.  For claims managers, our niche services can be used to enhance rather than replace current process and vendors.  We provide justifiable and fair reductions of inflated medical bills along with the support and professionalism you expect and appreciate.

At Chapman Consulting, we fight for reasonable charges with you and for you while providing the kind of results you will be impressed with.  Our numbers do stick, we know our target, and we are confident about our results.  Let us show you the difference.