25 years

25 Great Sites for Hospital Reviews

By Editor, Beth Collier

The Health Express

September 21, 2011

The blog post “25 Great Sites for Hospital Reviews” can be found in The Health Express blog.  The blog is found on www.MastersInHealthAdministration.org which is a website dedicated to students who are pursuing their Masters in Health Administration.

This particular blog lists 25 websites offering a wide array of information regarding hospitals, physicians, patient services, and healthcare.  Comparisons, national and state rankings, specialty facilities (children’s, cancer, Parkinson’s), and assistance with hospital bills are all included in this compilation.

Chapman Consulting, www.HospitalBillReview.com, is site number 13 in the blog under “Great Subscription Sites for Hospital Reviews”.  We appreciate Beth Collier at The Health Express including Chapman Consulting in this list of Great Sites.

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